Hot Vapes PV (E-Cig)

It really depends on what you want to start with - Vaping is a personal choice, but I think Hot Vapes offers REALLY good options for starting out.  Make sure with any of these options to use promo code 10WWVAPE for 10% off your purchases.

1.  HV Hardbox  - $29.00 

Personal Vaporizer HardBox (510)
The HardBox Kit comes with: (1) atomizer, (1) black automatic or manual battery with red led, (4) tobacco-flavored 18mg nicotine cartridges, (1) 5pcs cartridges pack with or without nicotine, and (1) usb charger.
The HardBox is designed for those new to vaporizers and people on the go.  The kit comes with nine cartridges each rated for 180-200 puffs. 

2.  Jewel Box Kit - $49.00  (comes in Black, White or Pink)

The JewelBox Kit comes with: (1) atomizer, (2) 510 batteries -- one automatic and one manual (with button), (5) tobacco-flavored 18mg nicotine cartridges, (1) usb charger, (1) wall charger, (1) magnetic jewel case, and (1) 6ml bottle of liquid in your choice of flavor.

Perfect for the person looking for a great starter kit in a handsome gift box, and for the person unsure whether he or she prefers an automatic or manual battery.
The automatic battery is ideal for cartridges, but because the JewelBox features a manual battery in addition to the automatic, it makes vaping liquids convenient -- the sealed manual battery inhibits juice from getting into your battery.

3.  Black Torpedo - $74.00

The Torpedo kit comes with: (2) black 8-hour batteries, (1) atomizer, (1) atomizer cone, (1) USB charger, (1) wall charger, (1) 5pcs cartridges Mango no-nicotine, (1) 5pcs cartridges in your choice of flavor, (1) user manual, and (1) magnetic jewel case.
With two long-lasting batteries designed for those who vape for extended periods of time, you never need worry about being caught without a working PV.  The Torpedo's 650 mAh batteries come in your choice of black or titanium, both feature an electric blue led that lights up while vaping.  Your kit arrives in a beautiful HotVapes jewel box containing all the essentials for a fantastic vape.
The Torpedo produces really BIG vapes and hours and hours of flavor.  It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and looks great.  It is the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite vaping aficionado.

*This kit comes with ten cartridges each rated for 180-200 puffs.

5.  Personal Vaporizer Bombshell Kit - $99.00- I just bought this, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!

The BombShell Kit comes with: the BombShell (in the color of your choice), (1) 18650 Li-ion protected battery (2400 mAh), (1) dual-battery wall charger, (1) carrying case, (1) atomizer and (1) matching drip tip.  Please note that the 510 drip tip is a close though not exact match.  If you prefer a LR306 atty, there is currently not a choice of drip tip color... it's a surprise.
A simple yet elegant design, this mod is not only tough -- she is a beauty too.  Exclusive to HotVapes, the BombShell is solid aluminum with a recessed brass button.  Of course she features a 510 connector port, which also accomodates a LR306.
Substantial in the hand but not too heavy, capable of handling one 18650 or two rcr123 batteries, the Shell is versatile enough to meet your 3.7v or 6v+ vaping preference.  Though there is a small vent hole on the Shell's bottom, always use circuit protected batteries.  Never use unprotected batteries.  Lithium-ion batteries can and have failed.  Circuit protected batteries do not guarantee a battery melt down will never occur, they do however minimize the risk of a melt down.  Should a melt down occur the vent hole will allow gases to escape the cylinder that houses the battery.
The BombShell Kit is perfect for those in need of all the accoutrement required for vaping a mod.  If you already have a Li-ion battery and charger, etc., you may instead consider our standalone model.  If not, or if you prefer one-stop shopping, the kit is an economical alternative to picking up everything piecemeal.
Choose your preference of atomizer: the 510 (3.0ohm or 2.2ohm) or the LR306 (1.5ohm).  If you will primarily vape using the 3.7v 18650 battery, the LR306 may offer more in the way of vapor and throat-hit, though with perhaps a slight flavor loss.  Any of our atomizers will work fine for you; it is simply a matter of preference.  If you will be using two 3.0v rcr123 batteries, you will want the 510 at 3.0ohm.  Using two batteries rated above 3v will lead to the 510s early demise however.

I PERSONALLY think option 2 is a GREAT option, with lots of choices :)  However if you want a low price option to "try" out vaping - the 1st choice is GREAT.  They both come w/ 510 atomizers / carts which are EASY EASY EASY to buy from several different vendors.  So, with either choice you go w/ you're going to have options.  Most importantly - put down the cig, and start VAPING.