Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY - Juice Mixing 101

I was really scared to venture into the world of DIY Juice mixing, but after several months - I feel more at ease mixing my own juices.  This way I can try a MULTITUDE of juices, for a fraction of the cost.

A lot of places sell mass quantities of DIY equipment and kits, costing $100.00.  But, really and truly - it doesn't take that.  What you need is quality ingredients, and you're good to go.

What you need are just a few items.

1.  A good juice calculator - I use E-Juice me up

2.  Nicotine liquid; $11.94 for 120ml -  I normally purchase this from a variety of different places, but I buy at 36mg 100% VG unflavored.  However, you can buy everything you are going to need, CHEAPLY from one vendor.

3.  100% VG juice; $5.75 for 120ml

4.  100% PG Juice; $4.99 for 120ml

5.  Syringes (you'll use the markings on the side for measuring); $.73 with needle $.87

6.  Empty bottles for mixing, I use 30ml bottles (.99) to have a ready batch of 50/50 5mg nic unflavored juice around for easiness of mixing.  And, 10ml bottles (.89) for ease of carrying around.

7.  Flavoring - this is the fun part - you can buy a lot or a little, but considering that you're only going to use approximately 1.5 ml to 2ml of the flavoring per 10ml bottle of nic juice, a little generally goes a long way.  One of my favorite vendors, Vixen Vapors - has TPA flavorings in 6ml bottles (1.99) - so each 6ml bottle of flavoring that you receive will flavor 30ml of liquid for you to vape.

8.  Latex Gloves (.49) - or you can go to CVS and pick up a big box of them 5 pairs for $2.99

What I normally do is premix my nic, VG / PG into 30ml bottles and then when I'm ready for a new flavor, or to mix a big bottle of juice - I just mix in my 20% of flavoring in an empty bottle then fill the rest with the premixed unflavored nic juice that I have handy.  So - when I mix my juice I mix it at at 70/30 ratio VG / PG, so that when I add in 20% flavoring it'll work out to 50/50 blend - make sense??


  • So - for 18mg 50/50 nic juice I would 1st use the juice calculator (but w/out that)
  • 15ml of 36mg 100% VG unflavored nic
  • 9ml of 100% PG
  • 6ml of 100% VG
That produces 1 30ml bottle of 18mg 30/70 PG/VG juice (the reason for this, is the majority of the flavorings unless you find someone that particularly says it's 100% VG, is all PG)

Adding Flavorings:
  • Grab a empty 10ml bottle
  • Put 2ml of whatever flavoring I want
  • Grab my base and fill up the rest of the bottle
  • VAPE
So - let's see how much money have we spent:
  • $11.94 - 120 ml of 36mg nic juice, which if I want to make 18mg of nic juice will make 240ml of nic juice
  • $5.75 - 120 ml of VG
  • $4.99 - PG ml of PG
  • $1.47 - 3 pairs of latex gloves
  • $4.80 - 3 syringes
  • $15.92 - 8 6ml bottles of flavoring
  • $7.92 - 8 30ml empty bottles
  • $8.90 - 8 10ml empty bottles
$61.69 for supplies to make 240ml of your very own mixed nic juice, that's .25 cents per ml of liquid, so a 30ml of flavored liquid just cost you $7.71 to make compared to $15.00 per bottle normally.  And, there are other places to get cheaper nic juice, which is the majority of your cost.  However, just starting off - you'll feel more comfortable just getting it all from one place.  Or at least I did, until I found out how easy it was - then I ventured off and bought nic from other places (you need to be able to trust their quality though), and flavorings in larger portions depending on what I found out I liked the most.  Just remember with your flavorings - PG based Food quality is good, OIL BASED IS BAAAAAAAAD.  Oh - and I'm vaping at 5mg of nic now, so you can imagine how much further my nic juice goes.

There are GREAT recipe sites located at Onestop DIY

Have fun and happy vaping!!!!!


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