Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY - Build a Cartomizer Tank

Cartomizer Tanks seem to be the BIGGEST rage right now, but at $27 - $30 bucks a pop - PLUS the cartomizer to put in them - that's just to expensive (yeah - I own one)

Well - today someone told us how you can make your own Syringe Cartomizer Tank.  So - I'm going to include all the information below and links - so you can build your own as well.

1.  The How to Video

2.  Where to buy the Syringes - that's the link for 50, so you'll be able to make 25 Tanks for $25.00
Amazon 20CC Syringes  - We ended up getting syringes from a feed store, 4 for $2.69.  

3.  A pipe cutter or a brake line cutter for $6.99 at Autozone

Now you too can make a tank, for a fraction of the cost :)

(the one on the left is the one we made, the one on the right is the one I bought for around $30)

Thank you Vaping Mandycat of GPTV for bringing this wonderful DIY to our attention!!

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