Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Double Coil & Triple Coil Cartomizers

Ok so now we have "Triple COil" Cartoz and they are 1.5 ohms , the MFG recommends that you run them at 6 volts ,

I am going to explain the effects that they will have on a battery or controller system like the Buzz Pro .

First we need to understand Parallel resistance , it is a formula r1+r2+r3 / r1xr2xr3 = total resistance so what happens is they lower the overall resistance of the group so a 3 coil carto at 1.5 ohms has 3 4.5 ohm coils in it to get 1.5 ohms total.

We are ready know that a single coil likes about 8 watts of power for a great vape , on a 4.5 ohm coil this would require 6 volts and 1.6666 amps ( the voltage the MFG recommends ! BTW ! ) now when you put these coils in Parallel they all want 8 watts or 6 volts so triple these numbers 8x3=24 watts and 4 amps ! . 

The effects on your batteries , a standard Li-Ion battery has a MAX drain current rating , it is rated as a " C " number the batteries we use ( 16340 880 mah ) are rated at 2.5C so 2.5 x .880 = 2.2 amps of drain current . So you can see that 4 amps is almost DOUBLE of the rated specs for this battery.

C/O Mike Buzzetti of Not Cigs

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