Sunday, June 5, 2011

Venturing into the world of Box Mods - VV (Variable Voltage)

Venturing into the world of mod's can be very scary.  I know I was very confused when I started thinking I needed a little "more".  So - I thought I'd try to lay it down as best as possible.

Graduating to different types of mods is a personal choice.  Just like the juices, what people like tends to seem subjective.  And, you have low end mods, and high end mods.  So, you can spend anywhere from 65.00 to $300.00 on different types of vaping apparatuses - so what you use needs to be a personal choice.  Don't take anyone's word for it - do your research, find the things you like.  Do you want the best (but maybe not for beginners to use) or do you want something that is more aesthetically pleasing.

Box Mods (This is just the shape of the design, basically it's a box to hold the battery (ies), a switch, and a connection for the atomizer or cartomizer)

The most comprehensive list that I found can be located at the E-Cig Mod Database 

(three of the cheapest available) 

VV Splash $65.00
2 x 14500 batts (not included)
510 Battery Connection w/ Catch Cup
Adjustable 0 Volts - 8.4 Volts of Power
Built in LCD Voltage Meter (with check button)
Precise 3 digit readout (x.xx up to 4.2V then xx.x up to 8.4V)
White On/Off Master Rocker (rated 3 - 6amps)
Black Fire Button (rated 3 - 6amp)
IC has built in UV/OV protection

Big Brother $74.99
The Big Brother is made from a two cell battery box. It uses 2 14500 batteries and has the variable voltage circuit, that operates between 0 and 6.5 volts.  As of now it is only available in black with a 510 connector. The voltage meter will not work with this mod. The high drain batteries require magnetic spacers to work in the mod. They are included with the purchase of high drains. There is now a 7 day wait for the Big Brother. The 3.7 version of the big brother uses the same box and switch. It has 2 14500 batteries in parallel producing 3.7 volts. No off switch, so remove atomizer before putting in pocket or purse. 3.7 version available in the drop down box.

Rubicon VV $129.99
Based from our Rubi 5V Regulated ModBox, the new Rubicon "VV" was born!  This is a dual battery P.V. utilizing our newest voltage regulation circuit.  It incorporates an adjustable output voltage stabilizer unit which is a filtered step down regulator with a very low dropout voltage! It also creates no real heat in the regulation of your voltage! The VV also now comes standard with a "Catch Cup AND a 3 Digit Red LCD Voltmeter in back panel!"
What does all this mean to you?  LONGER BATTERY LIFE AND AN ALL IN ONE P.V.!  This is my new favorite P.V.!  I have tested and tested this P.V. with nothing bad to report at all!  I was immediately impressed with the much longer battery life than I was getting with my old Rubi 5V Regulated ModBox! I went from changing batteries every 8 hours or so to over 12 hours of Moderate Vaping!  BIG DIFFERENCE! I no longer even need to carry a charger, just 1 extra set of batteries! 

Box Mod VV (Mercedes Line)

Eclipse $300

The Eclipse eq is Automatic E-Liquid Feeding, Variable Voltage, ALL-IN-ONE Personal Vaporizer. Simply put you don't need to carry around your bottle of E-liquid anymore, and you don't have to switch between high and low voltage devices to get your perfect vape! The Eclipse eq does it all for you! and puts you in control of how you like to vape!

We are happy to release this preliminary information and some snap shots of what you can expect the Eclipse eq to look like, and how it will perform.

Darwin $229
The Darwin is a new power regulated personal vaporizer by Evolv that can be used with all of your atomizers and cartomizers that have a 510 connection. The Darwin can also be used with adapters to utilize other connections. This mod features a new, state of the art technology bundled with a sleek design. The Darwin boasts unprecedented power capabilities which are properly managed to outlast conventional battery mods giving the user ultimate control in adjusting the watts of your PV. Comes with charger and does not require additional batteries. Full 2 Year Warranty on the Darwin and a 1 year battery warranty.

The Power GRIP
Features of "The Grip":
- 510 connector or EGO style
(For use with EGO-T atty or EGO cone, MAP etc...   without the need for adapters) 
- Contoured finger grooves for a comfortable feel
- Ergonomically placed activation button
- 4 amp switch rated at over 1,000,000 activations (Flat or domed)
- Capability to use different battery combinations for a range of voltages

VaporLuxe $150.00
*NEW* 5 Position User Selectable Voltage Mod (4.3, 4.6, 4.8, 5.1, 5.5 Volts)
2600mAh Battery!
Round chrome actuator switch
No Charger Needed! Charger is built in!
USB charging cable included
Vape while charging
4 LED battery fuel gauge to show you remaining battery life
Short circuit protection built in
30 day Warranty to cover manufacture defects.

Your Choice connector type:
- 808D / 901 Connector
- 510 *New, more durable mount*

*Not for use with Low Resistance Cartomizers/Atomizers 2.4ohm and lower*

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